Custom Harmonica

My goal is to provide affordable custom Hohner harmonicas (and maintenance/repair services) to UK residents
 (but international customers are more than welcome)

NB: I don't work on chromatic harmonicas, sorry!

Harmonica services from Henry Slim:

  • full-length reedslot embossing, reed gapping/arcing/chamfering & removal of milling marks for maximum responsiveness (see "full custom harp" below)
  • individual reed replacement on Hohner Marine Band 1896/Deluxe/Crossover/Special 20/Golden Melody/Echo Super Vamper
  • reed replacement on selected Seydel models
  • rounding of all corners/edges/tines
  • nail => screw conversion (reed plate screws double up as cover plate supports)
  • positioning of reedplates/comb so that they're flush in the front
  • fine-tuning of reeds to a tuning scheme of your choice (Just Intonation, Equal Temperament, Compromised, etc..)
  • (if the customer is unsure about tuning schemes, I will make a decision based on what I'm told about their playing style)
  • NEW: 6-hole blow reed adjusted for overblow if requested (no extra charge)
  • optional: opening up of the backs of the cover plates for extra volume & a brighter sound

If any of this interests you, send me an email or give me a call on +44 (0)797 5944 995.

Custom Harp price list:

~ Marine Band full custom harp: £80
~ Marine Band with simpler reed set up & no embossed slots: £55
~ Special 20 / Golden Melody: £60. custom comb: £80

(my custom comb provider has raised his prices so I have had to as well - my apologies. HS 15.12.14)

~ All my marine band harps come with a custom/hand-crafted comb made from 100% recycled paper + resin. 
They are extremely flat, have beautifully lacquered tines with a caramel-brown coloured finish  & will not warp or swell.
 (I don't make them - they're imported!)

~ I have two corian Golden Melody combs left in stock, available for £5 extra.
Other special, "limited edition" combs (like the ones pictured below) might be available at certain times - watch this space.

For customer-provided harmonicas:
Fine-tuning fee: £12 (+£3 for Marine Band 1896)
Full reed work + fine-tuning: £30 (+£5 for Marine Band 1896)

Reed replacement: £8/reed

Shipping costs
UK domestic: £4.30 (Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded)
rest of the world: £14 (Royal Mail Airsure/Small packets)

Payment methods
UK residents: direct bank transfer (no extra fee), or Paypal (5% surcharge)
everyone else: Paypal (5% surcharge)

Testimonials / Comments

"It is a lovely harp. Really responsive, all the sweetspot bends are right there. 
Go and get Henry Slim to custom one of these for you. You will be very pleased." - Tom Cocks (TC & the Moneymakers)

"Hohner make a great Harmonica, Henry makes them special." - David P, UK

"...It's simply wonderful. I barely have to blow to get a tone, especially the high notes.
You are one helleva customizer.  You surely know your stuff. I am so pleased.
This harp is sweet."
 - Steven B, Chicago USA

"That G you did for me plays better than [highly respected USA-based customiser]'s G I have with the exact same comb & tuning!" - Moses T, UK

Photos of my favourite one-of-a-kind builds from the past 4 years

Marine Band 1896 rebuilt with a Chris Reynolds fuchsia dymondwood comb for 
Tom Cox

Marine Band 1896 I rebuilt with Hetrick 'Cosmic Corian' comb  for Phil Prowse of Harpin' On! 
(unfortunately Hetrick combs are unavailable until further notice)

Marine Band 1896 with stunning Hetrick rosewood dymondwood comb

Special 20 with opened-up cover plates & black acrylic comb

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